Comprehensive Federal Employee Retirement Planning

Tammy Flanagan, LLC, offers personal fee-for-service consulting for civilian federal employees. Tammy works with employees from all federal agencies, including federal law enforcement officers, firefighters, and those covered by other special provisions of the CSRS and FERS retirement systems. You can receive a personalized consultation in person. Each session is an opportunity for you to gain a better sense of what you need to do for a smooth transition to your federal retirement. Regardless of whether it is your first day on the job or the last day before retirement, Tammy Flanagan has the experience, knowledge and expertise to outline and discuss your retirement from federal service. For more details about personal consultations, please contact us.


Here are her areas of expertise:


- CSRS and FERS retirement


- Social Security retirement and spousal benefits


- Insurance


    - Federal Employee’s Health Benefits Program

          - Federal Employee’s Group Life Insurance Program

          - Federal Employee’s Dental and Vision Insurance Program

          - Federal Long-Term Care Insurance Program

          - Medicare


- Thrift Savings Plan


- Planning and Applying for retirement benefits


- Civilian and Military Service Credit Issues


*Please provide the following documents prior to consultation (as applicable to situation):*


- CSRS or FERS retirement estimate from your agency


- Copy of a recent leave and earnings statement


- Statement of Federal Service from your agency or copies of SF-50’s or other records of beginning and ending dates of federal service, retirement coverage, and work schedule


-  Social Security Benefit Statement


-  Thrift Savings Plan Participant Statement


-  Communications from the Office of Personnel Management, your agency, Social Security Administration, etc. relevant to your questions and concerns



*A List of your questions and concerns to be addressed at meeting time:*


**Disclaimer:  **By requesting a consultation or second opinion, you understand and agree **to the following:  **The consultation, advisory opinion and/or recommendations are limited and **provisional;  **The consultation is not able to provide exact annuity amounts; the Office of Personnel Management and other governing agencies have sole authority and responsibility for adjudicating CSRS and FERS retirement claims and other federal benefit amounts.*


Are you a financial planner who specializes in the federal employee client?

Through Tammy Flanagan's years of experience, she has provided assistance to financial planners who work with federal employee clients.  She can add the depth of knowledge on federal benefits to gain the trust of your clients who are covered under the Civil Service Retirement System or the Federal Employees Retirement System. She can explain the coordination of the federal retirement benefit, Social Security and the Thrift Savings Plan. She can also answer questions and assist with the application of planning a federal retirement. She can also provide details on federal insurance, Medicare and the changes that retirees can make after they have separated from federal service. Contact her today to schedule an appointment!